Danny Rose was at his best last season when he was combative on the pitch and quiet off it.  Softly spoken but a force to be reckoned with during 90 minutes, he justified his place in the 2015/16 PFA team of the year and managed to hold onto his spot despite being out injured from the end of January onwards.

Respect for him had grown considerably and under Mauricio Pochettino he had become the best left back in the league, one of the best full backs (right or left) in the country and compared with the best in the world.

I even wrote an article, praising him and apologising for doubting him in his early days.

I wish I hadn’t bothered.

The Sun may be shooting off their mouth about their “explosive interview” but it’s hardly a revelation when a player opens his mouth and disses the club that got him into the position he now enjoys.

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Stating that he feels he’s “worth more” and talking about playing in the north again one day are a little annoying but, at the same time, standard fare for a player looking to engineer a move out of the club.

Opening his mouth about how other players should be looking to earn more and how he wanted “players he didn’t have to Google” is what really gets my goat.

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I doubt Rose was too up to date with League 1 football when we were first linked to Dele Alli.  Nor, I suppose, was he an avid follower of Portuguese football before Eric Dier came in.  Heung-Min Son was big in Germany (and of course South Korea) but he wasn’t someone in the forefront of everyone’s mind when he was brought in (or even linked to the club 2 seasons before we actually bought him).

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Danny Rose himself was basically unknown when he joined the club.

The last set of “big name” players we did buy didn’t particularly work out too well did they?  Paulinho and Soldado (much as I loved his “pluck”) both came in with big reputations and bigger transfer fees.  Neither worked out.

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If Danny Rose wants to be paid what he’s worth then let’s base that on his output for the last 7/8 months, he’s been paid £65k a week to sit on his arse, work at getting fitter and moan to, first, the BBC and second, to The Sun.

He’d be lucky to get £20k a week.

So, let’s take him at his word, let the club invite him in for talks, ask him to name his wage and see how much a comparably paid player would fetch on the open market (plus the premium for being a leftie).  Then, if any club wants to pay that kind of money, he’s free to go and we’ll let Pochettino work his magic with the next left back.

Danny’s not irreplaceable, instead he’s an incredibly lucky young man who has worked for one of the best coaches in the business.

We’ll miss ya, but not for long.