Wednesday saw one of the craziest nights in Champions League history as Tottenham came back from a three-goal deficit to reach the final in Madrid. The match winner on the night was Lucas Moura, who scored a spectacular hat-trick, which included a 96th-minute goal that sent his side through. Moura was rewarded for his superb performance with a perfect 10/10 rating from French outlet L’Equipe. These match ratings have gained more popularity and mainstream attention over the years and now football fans all over the globe are aware of them and how rarely the big numbers can be handed out. With Moura being given an illustrious 10/10 rating, he becomes only the 10th player in history to be awarded that rating by L’Equipe. He joins some big names on the list. Here we look back at the 10 players who have been given a 10/10 match rating by the French outlet over the years.