After the excellent stunt Tottenham Hotspur pulled against Juventus in the Champions League during the week, Spurs goal scorer, Christian Eriksen claims that if it was the Old Tottenham would have lost the match after the first two goals Juve scored, with him believing that the comeback is a sign of the team getting stronger under their boss Mauricio Pochettino. For this inside sights we teamed up with Robin Davies, reporter for, to give his thoughts on this matter.

After the clash with the Italian Side, Tottenham will be confident of progressing to the quarter-finals after going over to Turin to get themselves a dramatic 2-2 draw after being two goals down from first half.

The possibility of ever getting a draw was not to be seen when Gonzalo Higuain bagged a brace in the first ten minutes, but the North London team was never in dissaray despite being two goals down. They second was what proved to fruitful for the Spurs finally got back on the scoresheet and Eriksen with an amazing freekick that flew past Buffon.

Praises have been given to Pochettino, who arrived at Tottenham in the summer 2014 when the team was merely a small team that has always been overlooked by big teams and get thrashed in the Premier League.

Mousa Dembele has been the heart of the midfield, as the midfield was defined by those two players in the midfield, Eriksen said: “Of course we are building on every season compared to when I arrived here four or five years ago now,”

Dan Mullan/Getty Images Sport

“The games against the top teams when you are 2-0 down after nine minutes you lose 6-0. That’s the thing we’ve changed with the manager coming in, with the players we have here. Everyone has grown up and they are not going to lie down if they are 2-0 down anyway.

“Tottenham, compared to what it was when I came to what it is now, is completely different. That’s up to the manager, up to the players and the quality we have in the squad really.”

“No, the players are happy with him, the club is very happy with him,” Eriksen said when asked if the players are worried about the future of their manager.

“Of course, it’s his decision but I think what’s he’s building here he would like to be part of it. I think that’s what he showed when he signed the new deal, a long-term deal.

“Of course there will be interest from other clubs because he’s doing really well but hopefully he’ll stay. We don’t really think about that.”

However, with this impressive performance Tottenham pulled off at the Allianz Stadium, the Spurs could be backed to win the Champions League this season. The North London will return to action on saturday for an FA Cup match and will take on Rochdale on Spotland Stadium. Robin Davies and his FA Cup predictions show the Coys will win by minimum difference: 0-1.