This may be somewhat controversial and may not sit right with some but I feel it needs to be said!.  Are we contributing to the so-called curse under the arch?

We as fans pay hundreds of pounds and travel near and far to watch the team we love, but we are begging to be the cause of the problem?.

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Former players and pundits alike believe that the new location and the size of the pitch is the reason behind us not winning at home and potentially not winning the league, but surely there is no such thing as a curse? But are we and the players starting to believe it too?

I don’t believe the pitch size and the location to be a reason why we are not winning games.  It’s a grass pitch and two goals at the end of the day, and with the style of football we play, the size of pitch would only help.  So no, that’s not the reason but I believe the ATMOSPHERE is where the real problem is!

So what can help this? I’ll tell you it’s us, it’s feet through the turn styles its voices on the terrace! It’s the harmony of the crowd that makes us who we are and what made White Hart lane what it was, not the size of the stadium and the closeness of the fans to that pitch. So not turning up in protest to playing at the home and birth of football is not going to help the matter.

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We need to turn up and sing our hearts out like we have done every time before, so whether it’s Barnsley in the cup or Dortmund in Europe WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE and only us.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the frustration and why we haven’t been going and why the atmosphere hasn’t been what we are used to. I’m under no illusions about the fact we need to get behind the boys and put an end to all this talk once and for all.

The more this goes on the worse it will get and the longer the boring quotes from pundits and TV presenters will go on.

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So if we turn up as the usual loud and proud fans we are and take the atmosphere from pathetic to electric, then this so-called hoodoo or curse will end and we can go back to being the team people fear and loathe.

                Come on you SPURS!!!

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