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Mark Clattenburg

While a lot of Spurs fans I know have thrown their hands up in the air with a “How dare he?” expression on their faces.  The truth is, this little man had no impact on which way the title went.

It wasn’t the game against Chelsea that lost us the title in 2015/16, it was games against Everton, West Brom, Stoke and Swansea where we didn’t turn one point into three, or games like those against Newcastle United where we lose, twice, against a side that went down that season

Let’s not forget, this guy has tattoo’s of the Champions League and European Championship trophies, as though he won them himself.  It’s hardly a surprise he’s trying to insinuate himself into the Leicester story as though he was a big part of it.

All he’s really done is make himself look like a complete idiot in front of his peers for saying he didn’t referee a game in accordance with the rules.


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