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Is Tottenham’s lack of signings really that bad?

With Tottenham Hotspur yet to make a single signing this summer, it raises the question whether they will be able to maintain their Premier League … Read More
  • By Rob Sills
  • 5 min read time
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Another slow window for Spurs? Another job well done

With Manchester United splashing money around in what has become an awkward routine of theirs during the summer transfer window and Liverpool, … Read More

3 Players Spurs should sign

With the transfer window looming, Tottenham will have a battle on their hands if they want to try and get from second place and win the title next … Read More
  • By Will John
  • 3 min read time
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Exclusive Interview: Clive Allen talks American football

Former Tottenham Hotspur player, coach and interim manager Clive Allen is a fantastic character - and one whose drive for sport really has to be … Read More

How to deal with a problem like Erik?

Now before we get too far into this article I'd like to point out I'm a big Erik Lamela fan.  Despite this, I think we have to examine what's going … Read More

Harry Kane’s goalscoring statistics – just how good is he?

Harry Kane's brace against Everton was just the latest example of how deadly a goalscorer the Tottenham striker is. He was hardly at his best in … Read More
  • By Ste Hoare
  • 5 min read time
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